• The Bible in Australia: a cultural history

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  • The Bible in Australia:

    a cultural history

    (NewSouth Books, April 2018)


    "Vivid story-telling and impossible to put down. Meredith Lake brings the Bible's chameleon-like presence in Australia's past alive. At last, this profoundly important aspect of Australian history has found its true historian. A remarkable achievement.'

    - Mark McKenna.


    "This book breathes colour, poetry and life into our understanding of the Bible in Australia; not a static tome preached upon by po-faced clerics, but a living, contested text that has been fought over and misunderstood and yet fundamentally shaped our country."

    - Julia Baird.

    'Superbly engaging'

    - Roy Williams, The Australian.



    "Extraordinary... Immediately compelling... immensely satisfying. Lake's authority as an historian, her skills as a writer and her subject matter expertise are all on full display."

    - Dr Rachel Franks, Dictionary of Sydney.

    "I was completely hooked from the first paragraph... This book is perfect for those of us that like to know the origins of our communal thinking, believing and doing, and to consider what needs to change."
    - Chris Gordon, Readings.



    The Bible Down Under

    A Guide for Students (2016)


    "A very attractive book… an ideal introduction to the subject for school students, whether in Christian or public schools. The narrative flows easily … skilfully tracing how the Bible and biblical motifs, norms, ethics, wisdom, and faith have shaped Australia."

    - Professor Malcolm Prentis, Church Heritage

    "I can't speak highly enough of this book! I know I'll refer to it often when teaching. An outstanding resource."
    - Sally, Sydney.

    Special issue: St Mark's Review

    The Bible in Australia

    edited by Meredith Lake and Michael Gladwin (2017)


    The Bible is the most printed book in English and the most widely disseminated book in Australia. It is also the text most intricately bound up with the European encounter with Indigenous Australians and their languages. It is only recently, however, that scholars have begun to assess the Bible’s immense influence on Australian life and culture. This edition of St Mark’s Review explores the complex and contested role of the Bible in Australia, and the ways the Bible is being read and interpreted by Australians today.